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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) is a gentle technique that helps prevent fluid retention, removes toxins and waste products from body tissues, relaxes the nervous system (often results in a deeper sleep) and increases the immune function (for better healing and fighting infection).

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering LDM: 

  • This massage technique is not advised for anyone with high blood pressure.
  • LDM is a very gentle touch. Unlike regular massage, it does not manipulate the muscle tissue. Instead it encourages the flow of fluid through the lymphatic system just under the skin.
  • In preparation, it is best not to consume alcohol the day before and after the session (doing so may cause nausea).
  • Don’t schedule a session after a heavy meal. A light snack is fine.


  • During the session, because LDM stimulates the lymph nodes that are located in the neck, armpit, chest and groin, the massage therapist will need to place hands close to the breasts and groin areas. Your private areas will remain covered at all times.
  • The technique involves a specific set of movements that require you to turn over from your back to stomach several times.


  • After the session, you may find you need to urinate more frequently. This is because of the toxins being flushed out of the body.
  • You will be very relaxed so take a brief walk and/or lightly stretch before driving. You may feel “light” and sleepy.
  • Let the body rest after the session – avoid any strenuous activity to allow the immune system to cleanse the body, as needed.
  • If you have high toxicity you may feel “under the weather” for a day or two after the session. This is normal while the body eliminates the toxins.


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